Sunday, November 22, 2015

Problem from HELL : Tinea

Hi Guys, I am writing this for the sake of other people who might be looking around for remedies of Tinea.


  • Patches that may be white, pink, red, or brown and can be lighter or darker than the skin around them.
  • Spots that do not tan the way the rest of your skin does.
  • Spots that may occur anywhere on your body but are most commonly seen on your neck, chest, back, and arms
  • Itchiness on the affected area, all the day round, moisture, sweating worsens it
  • It appears on people who have oily skin, sweat frequently or who live in a hot, humid climate. It may be linked to a weak immune system.
  • circular spots with a dry/bumpy texture, and somewhat itchy
Tinea is a skin disease that happens to people with oily skin. This is a fungal infection and this fungus feeds itself from the body oils and moisture. This is most likely to occur in places that are humid. This infection can be at any part of the body. When I caught this disease, I didn't know, what it is, I had to change 3 doctors and for the initial few days I felt some relief but it again got back after few days of treatment and effectively treatment didn't seem to show its effect. I had spent a lot of money on medicines and creams suggested by doctors. One of my doctor even wrote steroid which worsened the disease. Finally I consulted Dr. Rajiv Sekhri (who is known to be a very good doctor) wrote diagnozed the disease as TINEA, but wrote Treatment modified against it as I used steroids before it (which were suggested by my previous doctor) and suggested antifungal for 20 days and to apply some cream, but for the intial 10 days, it seemed to improve, The infection on one part of body was getting cured but it again re-appeared on the other side. After 30 days of treatment from 3 different doctors with no/slight improvement being visible I was really getting desperate to get it cured, but didn't know what should I do. Then I searched on internet to read and study about the disease and luckily I found a cure that works NO LESS THAN MAGIC. There are 2 cures which I would highly recommend. (probably this can be used for any sort of fungal skin infection as these remedies have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties)
  • 100% pure Castor Oil
  • 100% pure Coconut Oil
You can get these over the counter from any chemists shop and you do not need a doctor prescription for these. Firstly I tried coconut oil 3-4 times a day and castor oil once a day and after day 4 of this treatment, I was 50% cured... And on the weekend I applied castor oil thrice a day and coconut oil once a day and I was amazed to see the progress, I am almost 90% cured in just 2 days. Castor oil is very very highly effective and I would recommend it to everybody to try it if suffering from this disease. You might try a coconut oil on and off, as and when you like. Castor oil is sticky, you might not like it or you can't carry it if you office. But you can carry coconut oil. Tinea versicolor may disappear in cool weather only to reappear in the summer, so it is important to continue treatment until the rash is completely gone. I read that Tinea is difficult to cure 100% and usually comes back in summers, So I will continue to use COCONUT oil as a moisturizer. Will post some pics of the progress as and when I get 100% cured. Note: I didn't stopped taking english medicines (as they say one must complete the course of medicines suggested). NEEDLESS to say, wash your clothes including undergarments in HOT WATER and get it ironed every time before you use, so that this infection doesn't re-occurs. Prevention for family members who are not infected:
  • Use seperate towels
  • Use seperate soaps
  • Avoid skin to skin contact between couples/or with kids on the affected area
Not stealing the credits... I got this cure from Cure for Tinea Versicolor Feel free to write to me at if you want to know something that I might have missed to mention here.